2022: Another record year for Monterosa / Interaction Cloud

2022: Another record year for Monterosa / Interaction Cloud

by Nadejda Petrova, Product Manager, Platform team
Jan 2023

As we begin 2023, we wanted to take a look back at the past year, examining some of the product innovations and new features within Monterosa / Interaction Cloud.

We served more users than ever, delivering incredible year-on-year growth for a range of customers including Entain, Stats Perform, Formula E and more. 

And we didn’t stop there. In 2022, we continued to improve the platform, with a whole host of new features that are making setting up and deploying fan engagement experiences even easier.

2022 in numbers

  • The platform now serves 120 million users a year - the highest number ever!

  • We have over 30+ interactive Experiences housed within the platform and available to deploy

  • ‍78,614,632 unique interactive users

  • ‍1,073,808,349 unique interactions

New Capabilities

Fast Track Experiences

In summer, we launched Fast Track Experiences; a suite of compelling Experiences that can be integrated into your website or apps in a matter of weeks. Designed to be integrated into existing digital products with ease, we're already seeing huge engagement rates when implemented by our customers.


We launched our brand new Gamify offering. By using gamification techniques you can incentivise your audience to come back more often, spend more time, and ultimately convert to signed-up or paying customers.

Audience Profiles

Our new Audience Profiles offering enables our customers to seamlessly collect behavioural, attitudinal and preference data from every interaction, and pipe it into their existing CRM, CDP or marketing platform. Audience Profiles are helping to generate better commercial results in sponsorship, advertising and subscriptions.

Interaction SDK

Introducing Monterosa / Interaction SDK - our robust SDK provides a way to embed Experiences into existing sites or apps. You can use the SDK to load either any of the ready-made Experiences or those that have been developed specifically for you and made available in the platform.

Studio Updates

New Elements list for easier content management

Elements list has an improved layout to highlight key information. Say goodbye to endless scrolling with a new layout that helps you easily find the piece of content you're looking for. And the most used action buttons are now just a click away!

Expressions make Project Setup simpler and faster

Expressions are a new way to simplify the setup of your Experiences. Using expressions, our developers can now create conditional logic that reduces unused fields. The result - simpler, quicker configuration with fewer errors.

A new App Setup experience, offering up to 10x load time improvements

As Apps have grown in complexity, the performance of App Setup has degraded. In some cases this has caused significant loading delays in App Setup. An entirely new version is now production ready and in some cases can offer a 10x load time performance.

Making fixes easy, with additional changes tracked in Activity Log

As Apps have grown in complexity, chances of content misconfiguration has increased too. To help you understand where errors have been made, so you can quickly fix them, an extended version of the Activity Log is now production ready and available, now logging all Event and Element changes done in Studio.

New zoom controls in Live Activity chart

Having a long running event and want to see the spread of usage across the full duration? Introducing a new chart in Event Timeline: follow the peaks in user visits and break them down further with the new controls.

A focus on speed and performance

In addition to these updates, we also optimised the speed and reliability of the platform. We improved our Control API, the focus of which was to speed up request response time. We also optimised Timeline page performance.

What’s new for 2023?

We’re continuing to evolve and enhance Monterosa / Interaction Cloud, with roadmap improvements planned throughout the year.

Such as:

  • Improvements to Identify, Gamify and SDK

  • Simplify content creation

  • Improve Experiences embed and preview flow

  • Improve in-Studio analytics

  • Pinned Elements

We're also continuing to invest heavily in the expansion of our suite of Fast Track Experiences, with a focus on flexibility and applicability, so that they are the ideal choice for a whole host of sports, from Soccer to Basketball, Athletics to Ice Hockey and many many more!

We believe that integrating fan engagement into existing digital products should be a breeze and our the range of upcoming Fast Track Experiences will continue to make it easier than ever to get started. And all of this created, deployed and controlled by Monterosa / Interaction Cloud.

‍To find out more or arrange a demo, get in touch now!

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Want to learn more? Schedule a call with one of our team.

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Want to learn more? Schedule a call with one of our team.