VOTING Customer Story

VOTING Customer Story

How Six Nations partnered with Monterosa

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Delivering best-in-class sponsorship innovation and fan engagement strategy

with interactive experiences powered by Monterosa


Six Nations Rugby is the official organising body of the annual Six Nations Championships and Autumn International Series.

Working in partnership with its member unions and federations in England (RFU), France (FFR), Ireland (IRFU), Italy (FIR), Scotland (SRU) and Wales (WRU), Six Nations Rugby has responsibility for the promotion and operation of the renowned Six Nations Championships and Autumn International Series, as well as the negotiation and management of their centralised commercial rights.

The Six Nations Championship is the oldest international rugby tournament in the world, dating back to its original incarnation in 1883 and expanding to its current format of six teams in 2000. It consists of three highly competitive annual tournaments across men’s, women’s and U20s rugby.

The Challenge

A platform to drive audience engagement levels and increase sponsorship opportunities

Six Nations Rugby were looking for a unique solution to increase overall audience size and to boost levels of engagement. Another key goal was to drive first-party data collection, turning engaged users into converted users.‍

They also needed a platform for building new and innovative sponsorship opportunities – thus increasing revenue.


Using Monterosa / Interaction Cloud to power a suite of interactive Experiences

Once Six Nations had established their need to increase fan engagement and drive first-party data capture, they ran a trial with Monterosa for the Autumn Nation Series Player and Try of the Week votes, to see how the platform and team supporting the event compared with other alternatives.

During the evaluation, it was clear that our platform was easy to use and totally reliable, which led to Six Nations choosing Monterosa / Interaction Cloud as their preferred platform for publishing interactive content. This laid the groundwork for an expansion of our partnership, allowing us to deploy new ways of increasing engagement before, during and after each match.

The ability to create new sponsorship opportunities was also a key driver in the platform selection process. Our Experiences along with the expertise of our award-winning designers and producers, combined to create flexible and unique sponsor activations.


Delivering on Six Nations’ goals

By partnering with Monterosa, Six Nations saw 198.2k unique visits across all Experiences.

  • Of these users, 111.7k engaged with an Experience, providing an overall engagement rate of 56.4%

  • 63.4k competition entries captured

In addition, the Breitling Try Timer proved a highly effective way of engaging and converting users. It was a great example of how our flexible Experiences can be customised to deliver tangible results for our customers and their partners.

The Breitling Try Timer Experience generated a 73% interaction rate

  • 40% of users opted in to receive marketing communications from Breitling

  • 92% of users who started the Try Timer Experience completed a competition entry

  • This equated to an additional 11.7k contactable users

  • Try Timer provided Brietling with measurable value of their sponsorship

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Want to learn more? Schedule a call with one of our team.

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Want to learn more? Schedule a call with one of our team.