5 steps to creating the right Live Video Quiz for your audience

5 steps to creating the right Live Video Quiz for your audience

As fans and audiences at large are looking to engage with brands in new and exciting ways, Live Video Quizzes have become a simple yet effective way to add spark into your content capturing new audiences and increasing engagement.‍

Triggered by the initial success of HQ Trivia and subsequent proliferation of similar quizzes both as standalone experiences and embedded in wider entertainment offerings. Live video Quizzes are increasingly part of the experience that entertainment and sports brands look to provide for their fans. It creates a sense of belonging that rewards end-users - this “emotional incentive” manages to capture attention, and when done right, it can provide powerful insights about your audience.‍

If your brand is considering launching a Live Video Quiz experience here is our advice: Consider the goal, audience, tone, content, and outcome. These will be at the core of the experience you provide to your audience and the value you’re able to obtain.‍A successful live video quiz in five steps

Step 1: Define the goal‍

The first step in creating your Live Video Quiz is to understand the overarching goal or goals by which you will measure success. The following are all examples of ways in which a Live Video Quiz can be used on your digital property:‍

  • to attract traffic and new users

  • to convert free members into paying subscribers of your service

  • to encourage repeat visits by existing users or subscribers of your service

  • to add value to your paid offering and reward subscribers of your service‍

Understanding the goal or combination of goals will help to determine how to position your Live Video Quiz, how to maximise the end-user experience, and the depth of information and data you need to collect from them. Remember, Live Video Quiz can be an opportunity to get to know your audience better, giving you insights needed to continue to attract new fans and convert them.

For example, if the goal is to attract the maximum external traffic and new users to your digital property, keeping the barriers to entry as low as possible in terms of registration and emphasising prizes and/or talent in your marketing will help to achieve this aim. In this case, keeping a quick registration that happens in-app and it’s integrated with your SSO might be the best way to approach it.‍

Now, if the primary goal is to convert users into registered users or paying subscribers, offering a two-level experience whereby anyone can play along but only registered or paying users can qualify for prizes may be a good option.

Step 2 Define the tone

‍Defining the spectrum of your audience will help to set up the tone of the quiz and the content. For instance, audiences who are fanatical about a particular topic may prefer a very focused, competitive experience with an emphasis on knowledge and speed of answer. More general audiences may prefer a more fun, relaxed experience which keeps them engaged right through the Quiz even if they’re struggling to get to the top of the leaderboard.‍

The key consideration to have when planning for tone is knowledge of what your audience is expecting, but also that your solution has the ability to pivot quickly adding different levels of customisation to your quiz to encourage engagement. These are some great examples of customisation you should consider:‍

  • offer prizes/winners by round as well as overall

  • questions with fixed points or decreasing points with time

  • multiple question types including text, multiple-choice, picture, and video-based

  • one-off prize challenges including ‘nearest number’ challenge‍

Step 3 Define the live video content‍

Next step is to determine the live video proposition itself - which can depend on the available budget, intended frequency as well as the goal mentioned above. The video content can range from a single live presenter on a locked-off shot, to a multi-stream production with graphics, stings and pre-recorded VTs. Monterosa work with a number of production partners who provide the entire range in terms of production complexity - we would be happy to recommend one to fit your needs.

‍Step 4: Define how are you going to create this experience

Up until now, you’ve set up the foundation of your Live Video Quiz, now it’s time to identify how are you going to create the experience, and this goes back to your internal resources. Brands that have the in-house resources will choose to add a Live Video Quiz event as part of their digital experiences roadmap and into a long list of “projects to come”.The reality is that most sports and media brands have to respond quickly to fan’s increasing demands for content and experiences, and looking for technology that can deliver interactivity quickly and at scale is paramount. Here is where considering platforms like Monterosa / Interaction Cloud™ that has ready-to-go experiences collections, including Live Video Quiz, can be of benefit.  

Step 5: Create the experience

Now we are in a position to create the building blocks of your Live Video Quiz experience together, ready for launch. This will include:‍

  • Promotion, entry points and SSO integration (if any) on your digital property

  • The Monterosa Live Video Quiz experience with user entry, countdown to live, questions, leaderboards, etc. - all fully customised to your brand

  • An Ultra Low Latency video player - Monterosa already works with a number of partners which have been pre-integrated into our solution  

SSO and Live Video Quiz

In step one we talked about defining the goal, and how data can be pivotal in understanding your audiences and tailoring the experience to be able to achieve the goal (i.e. increase subscribers, new users, etc). Understanding how end-user registration data is going to move along your app and your CDP is critical, and should be one of the big questions you ask your team!‍

Monterosa / Interaction Cloud™ platform, has a user identity management service, Monterosa ID, which gives you the flexibility needed to tailor your Live Video Quiz accordingly - either as a standalone registration service or integrated with your SSO. Also, as you build on more Live Video Quizzes or other fan engagement experiences like event centres or voting, you’ll be able to build a more comprehensive profile of your fans/audience gaining even better insights for future digital roadmaps.‍

Top Live Video Quiz experiences with Monterosa / Interaction Cloud™

As an experienced provider of Live Quiz experiences to the likes of Sky, BT Sport, ABC, and EA Sports, we would be delighted to guide you on this journey and help you deliver a brilliant experience to your audience using the Monterosa / Interaction Cloud™ and our Live Video Quiz experience.‍

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