Going beyond second screen to fully immersive TV show engagement

Going beyond second screen to fully immersive TV show engagement

by Josie Tipper, Account Executive
Nov 2022

Audiences love to interact. 

However, competition for attention is fierce, with so many interactive alternatives - from dating apps, to social media, getting your audience to engage isn’t easy.

Making your programming interactive can deliver tangible creative and commercial value, but where to start?

Second screen experiences

The idea of a second screen experience has become a well-known component of the viewing experience. Whether it's scrolling through social media while watching a TV show or using a mobile device to access additional content during a live sports game, viewers are often multi-tasking while consuming media. 

But what if broadcasters and streamers could use this trend to their advantage, and leverage fan engagement experiences to increase audience numbers and engagement? In this article, we'll explore some strategies for going beyond the second screen and creating an immersive viewing experience that keeps fans engaged.

Putting interactivity at the heart of audience engagement

Being able to level up your second screen experience can be vital to a show’s success. By providing audiences not only with an opportunity to engage whilst the show is on but also to build affinity before and after, will drive engagement and keep momentum high throughout an entire season. 

Here are a few strategies to consider…


One of the most effective ways to increase fan engagement is through gamification. By integrating games or contests into the viewing experience, broadcasters and streamers can create a sense of community and encourage viewers to stay engaged throughout the entire event. For example, a sports broadcaster could run a prediction game where viewers guess the outcome of the game or the next goal scorer. The winner could receive a prize, such as a free subscription to the broadcaster's premium content. Similarly, a TV show could host a watch party where viewers can answer trivia questions and earn points or rewards for correct answers.


Design the perfect interactive live quiz experience to sit alongside your show. Utilized in shows such as The Million Pound Drop, viewers are encouraged to test their own knowledge during the show, with an opportunity to win prizes. By becoming so involved with the series with Play-Along, viewers are sure to tune in. 

Unlockables & Exclusive Content

Another strategy is to create interactive content that is designed specifically for the second screen. This could include behind-the-scenes footage, interviews with cast or players, or real-time statistics and analysis. Bonus content can also be used, where users have to sign up to access it, driving conversion rates. 

By providing this additional content, broadcasters and streamers can keep viewers engaged throughout the event and give them a reason to keep watching. Additionally, interactive content can be personalized based on the viewer's interests and preferences, creating a more customized and immersive experience.

Audience Data

Creating audience-centric experiences which drive conversion will enable broadcasters to gather insights into your audience.  By tracking viewer behaviour and preferences, broadcasters can identify trends and patterns that can inform their content strategy. Check out our Audience Profiles, which are doing just that.

By using gamification, creating interactive content and leveraging data and analytics, broadcasters can keep fans engaged and foster a sense of community that keeps them coming back for more. As the media landscape continues to evolve, it's more important than ever for broadcasters and streamers to find new and innovative ways to keep fans engaged and connected.

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Want to learn more? Schedule a call with one of our team.

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Want to learn more? Schedule a call with one of our team.