Introducing fan engagement syndication

Introducing fan engagement syndication

Sports organisations ask us how they can use fan engagement to increase the value of sponsorships. 

Our answer - global syndication. When done right, distributing experiences widely increases engagement, conversion, data capture and overall value. By offering tools and technology as part of the deal, you save them the friction and cost of building custom activation. 

Naturally, your digital properties will bring high volumes of attention to engagement to your partner. With Monterosa, you can now offer brands ever-easier ways to drop Experiences into their own sites and social platforms. You can even provide them with the tools for media partners, further amplifying the association. 

Activation the hard way - build & distribute individually 

The most common activation strategies involve you or an agency building bespoke content and interactive experiences per partner and then managing distribution with each partner team on an individual basis. 

There’s nothing wrong with that, but there is an overhead associated with building a custom game or digital experiences – coordinating with each individual agency, seeking approvals, reporting on performance and much more.

How Monterosa / Interaction Cloud changes the game

The Platform is designed to make fan engagement syndication easier, with a range of features to ensure that you can create and distribute world-class content to sponsors and partners with ease.

Within one system, you can easily replicate and reskin the same experience, so that it can be served across multiple territories in multiple languages and branding.

Simple localisation & reskinning for multiple brands within one system:

Here are the other key features that help to make syndication simple:

A single place for managing all your partner activations

The platform’s Dashboard acts as the hub for your organisation. It’s where you can manage all of your partner or sponsor activations, in one place.

How does it work? Within the dashboard you can set up and manage individual brands for each sponsor, centralised in the platform.

Reduce development with extreme levels of UI configuration 

Our Experiences from games to voting and competitions are highly configurable, resulting in reduced development costs and deployment time. You can customise your Experiences within the platform and launch easily, often without the need for bespoke development. And when you do need development, we’re here to help. 

How does it work? Within Settings you can adjust typography, spacing, layout and many other options. 

Configure multiple versions of the same Experience for partners globally 

The same Experience can be served in multiple languages and skins simultaneously, helping you launch consistent campaigns across different territories. 

Embed them in your environments or those of your partners, with no custom code.

How does it work? Within the Experience Setup, simply select the language you want the content to appear in.

Create & automate 

The platform is rich in automation features that make creation of Experiences quick and easy. Our ChatGPT Content Helper Tool and new GenAI image generator helps to generate content ideas at the touch of a button, saving content creators time. Users of our platform also have access to data feed integrations and APIs to automate the scheduling and publishing of content. You can even hook it up to automation tools like Zapier. 

How does it work? All of these tools are available within the platform to help speed up content creation.

Case study

EA SPORTS activate partnerships globally with secure fan voting 

EA SPORTS partner with the Premier League and own the rights to fan-voted “Player of The Month”. Before our involvement, the average dwell time per fan was under a minute. By making the experience more engaging with video, stats and meme sharing, we achieved an average of over 7 minutes.

Thanks to the success of EPL, EA SPORTS have now deployed the platform to power voting for POTM with Bundesliga, Serie A, and La Liga - syndicating to 4 different leagues and all managed within Monterosa / Interaction Cloud.

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