I'm A Celebrity, The official #1 TV show app

I'm A Celebrity, The official #1 TV show app

One of the biggest TV shows in the UK, with free voting, live content and play-along gaming powered by our Entertainment Companion product

ITV challenged us to create a next-generation mobile fan experience for I'm a Celebrity Get Me Out of Here - one of the biggest TV shows in the UK. The objectives were to enhance the fan experience, provide digital activation for the sponsor and to generate additional quality advertising inventory. The results were impressive: an app that stayed at the No. 1 App Store spot for almost two weeks and achieved half a billion interactions within it.

‍I'm a Celebrity is a British institution, one of ITV's most important shows. As part of ITV's commitment to innovate digital engagement, we delivered a specially-customised version of our TV Show App experience.

‍The headline sponsor is much-loved British food brand. For the FMCG company, the digital product is the bridge between TV awareness and more immersive mobile engagement, bringing the brand to life in a light-hearted, fun manner.

‍Integrating with Monterosa's massively scalable Interaction Cloud, ITV's existing Video On-Demand platform, in-house CMS and ad server, the app provides both live play-along during each show, and real-time content between shows.

Handling the spikes from massive levels of TV promotion

‍The App is an integral part of I'm a Celebrity, providing free sponsored voting and exclusive content. As a result of promotion on-air, huge spikes of traffic are directed to the app, handled by Monterosa / Interaction Cloud™.

TV Show Apps solution provides a rich feature set for TV and live events. The framework is designed to integrate with existing systems, to provide massive spikes of usage, and for maximum flexibility.

Feature Highlights

  • Live content feed, integrating with existing CMS

  • Live control via Monterosa / Interaction Cloud™

  • Ingestion of Twitter and Instagram content

  • Play-along quizzing, polls and predictions

  • Gamification with points and leaderboards, including Facebook & Twitter login

  • Video On-Demand playback

  • Secure Voting

  • Multi-lingual configuration

  • Dynamic App Setup allowing changes without App Store re-submission

Commercial features

  • Configurable brand sponsorship integration

  • Synchronised take-over advertising, triggering ads during TV ad breaks or moments in a sports game

  • Ad server integration

  • Competition entry

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Want to learn more? Schedule a call with our team.

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Want to learn more? Schedule a call with our team.