Monterosa's Live Video Quiz solution helps ProSiebenSat.1 Media SE launch a next-generation live trivia app

Monterosa's Live Video Quiz solution helps ProSiebenSat.1 Media SE launch a next-generation live trivia app

As a broadcaster investing in the future of Entertainment, Monterosa has been an amazing partner for us on this journey.

"They have been fundamental to the success of Quipp - the team have been great to work with, and the Interaction Cloud is an incredibly powerful platform. We’ve been really pleased with the number of regular users, and look forward to growing both our audience and the functionality available to them.”

— David An, Vice President Products Mobile Entertainment, ProSiebenSat.1 Media SE

The context

ProSiebenSat.1 Media SE (P7S1) is a European mass media company based in Germany. It operates free-to-air commercial TV channels, pay television channels, radio stations and related print businesses.

Television is the basis of its success. P7S1 uses the millions-strong reach of its TV stations to push into digital business areas. Its growth is based on three segments: a wide-reaching entertainment portfolio with leading TV and digital brands, an international program production and sales subsidiary, and a large commerce portfolio.

‍The challenge

Taking inspiration from global trends towards interactive mobile-first game shows such as HQ Trivia, P7S1 wanted to launch a live trivia native app for the German and Austrian markets. P7S1’s challenge was to define the best approach and assess what existing technology could solve its problem, all within a very short timescale.

‍The app needed to be premium, highly engaging, and provide a rewarding daily experience, whilst also being built on the most reliable, scalable and customisable framework and feature set possible. This could only be achieved through an interactive experience that seamlessly integrated:

  • Real-time interactivity delivered to massive volumes of concurrent users

  • Bespoke gaming mechanics to create unique fan experiences

  • Low-latency live streaming, tightly synchronising video with question triggers

The solution

Our Live Video Quiz Solution delivers a best-in-class fan experience, merging low-latency live streamed video, with real-time interactive trivia challenges.

By combining Phenix’s streaming technology with our massively scalable interaction platform, we’re able to achieve under 3 seconds latency, compared to the 10 seconds+ delays incurred by most live streaming solutions. This enables genuinely live interaction between the host and the audience.

We worked with P7S1 to launch Quipp, delivering on the organisation’s wider audience and business objectives. Quipp is a next-generation live trivia app that can reliably scale to millions of daily active users, and will in the future evolve into a stand-alone platform with additional innovative formats.

The results

When P7S1 launched Quipp in November 2018, the target was to beat the performance of local market rivals - 15k live concurrent players in Germany and 6k in Austria. In just a few months, Quipp exceeded annual targets, reaching nearly 53k concurrent users at the end of February 2019.

#1 free trivia app in both app stores

Over 270k unique users to date

To broaden its audience, P7S1 has streamed ‘special shows’ in partnership with broadcasts of The Voice Germany and Galileo. This includes a live TV Call To Action, resulting in up to a 100% increase in the number of users compared to the previous show.

Key features

Audiences can respond to trivia questions while watching the live streaming gameshow in one seamless fan experience.‍

  • Push notifications to remind users to play

  • Authentication via phone number & SMS

  • PayPal integration for withdrawing funds

  • Live-chat feature

  • Friend referral system to earn extra lives

The platform

Gameshow Live! allows P7S1 to take control of content scheduling, questions, leaderboards and app appearance using Monterosa Interaction Cloud™.

Why Monterosa

P7S1 wanted to work with an established technology provider, that had both a track record of delivering scalable products, and proven experience in play-along gaming.‍

Further to that, P7S1 valued our ability to deliver from an existing platform, our creative input and experience to achieving a superior user experience, and the flexibility we could provide to its production team. In particular, the platform’s in-built control centre for producers to prepare, schedule and edit content in real-time was a key benefit.

What's next

Exciting product innovations are in development along with a compelling set of commercial opportunities for brand partnerships, helping to unlock the immense commercial potential of the product.

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